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The Red Canoe Story

About Red Canoe Cre8tive

Purveyors of design, big thoughts, and restored canoes

We've  patterned Red Canoe Cre8tive and the brand that it represents after the  paintings found on a slab of granite nestled deep in the northern  wilderness of Minnesota. We find it compelling that artwork from ages  ago can still reach an audience today. While the tools and styles of  design have changed dramatically since those very crude images were  created, the main purpose of design has remained the same -- the use of art to communicate and solve problems. The pictographs are an example of what we want to embody at our core, original creative  communication.

Because we seek to merge our passion with our purpose, our design tends  to center around the backpacking, climbing, canoeing, and outdoor lifestyle that we live. Here at Red CanoeCre8tive, we spend about as much time in the  great outdoors as we do working to protect it. 

Another  tie-in to our brand is the fact that canoe restoration occupies a portion of our down time. (We may or may not be in the middle of a canoe restoration project at this very moment, giving life and a new splash of red paint to a water craft long forgotten.)