My explorations in the north and in creative communication

I love my work, but I do not live to work, I work to live.

In my free time, (Ha! Free time... that's funny.) I'm very busy soaking up moments with my friends and family.

My five (Yes five!) kids, my wife, our loyal pup and I

spend our days actively enjoying nature in this land of sky-blue waters.

After ten years as a designer and art director in the fast-paced world of traditional advertising, I switched gears to pursue a focus that entirely revolved around a specific base of outdoor and conservation clients. Launching Red Canoe Creative was a move towards a slower more intentional approach to advertising that allowed me to pour more thought and hand-crafted art into my design.

"At this point in my career, I really wanted to focus

my experience and skills on the type of work I

loved doing the most."

As an avid backpacker, canoeist, illustrator, photographer, and designer, I'm thrilled to have found a way to combine the work I love with the lifestyle I live. Red Canoe Creative has been the perfect intersection between work and play, and I'm glad to be able to invest my time and efforts into work that protects the wild places I like to roam.

Paddling the Canoe

Five reasons to play hooky!  ;)

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It's not a Job, it's everything  I love!